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A Brief History ...

Before he became a professional commercial artist & graphic designer over thirty (30) years ago, Tom Milutinovic had earned his Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at the University of Calgary.
Since that time, Tom has been creating illustrations for publications (ad campaigns, comic books, magazines, books, etc.) since the days before computers and the internet took over the world. His mediums were pen & ink (which inspired the name for his studio, Pennan Inc.), watercolor, airbrush, hand-painting signs, calligraphy, and even creating backlit signage.

Other parts of his business involved designing and building customized sets to turn the inside of a bank into an old 1880s Western town. More expressions of creativity included life-sized self-standing caricatures, set designs for Santa's Workshops, including life-sized 3-D mailbox for kids to send letters to Santa.

Tom has illustrated for books, designed and illustrated coloring books, activity books, and comic books.

Window Splash art was also a big part of Tom's early years as a professional artist.
Window Splash Art by Tom Milutinovic


Although Tom originally worked on Client's computers for various projects in the mid-80s, later he started exploring how the computer could become just another expensive drawing tool within his own studio in order to take his work through the 90s and into the 21st century. Tom had developed a number of interactive animations and games using Flash in the 90s, but with the advent of smartphones and tablets in the 21st century, work completed using Flash became an outcast on the internet -- proving to be a frustrating waste of time, money and effort for many innovative artists on the world wide web. Expect to see some new animations here in the near future ...

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