Caricatures by Tom Milutinovic


ILLUSTRATIONS by Tom Milutinovic

Illustrations by Tom Milutinovic


Need something to jazz up your newsletter or magazine article? Tom is a commercial artist, so he does much more than just caricatures. Tom has been illustrating since BEFORE computers appeared on everybody's desk … or lap … or pocket!

From comic books to activity books to interactive games, Tom has written and created games and activities for a variety of purposes, from educational to pure entertainment. He also has performed entertaining live "visualization" presentations for corporate meetings.

Give Tom a call to see how his creative input and sense of humor can add sizzle to your words/ideas.

Illustrations by Tom Milutinovic Sample Sheet 2018

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"WISIWYG" = "What I See Is What You Get"

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Main phone: 403-247-2286
Mobile/text: 403-630-9888

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